Upcoming Teaching Seminars

  • Providing Helpful Feedback*

    Thursday, October 27, 12:30–2:00pm

    McKenna Peter Wright Rooms, Cohon University Center

    How can you give your students feedback that will maximize their learning? After discussing the main characteristics of effective feedback and exploring the relationship between feedback and grading, we will analyze examples of feedback on student work. We will also discuss strategies for providing feedback efficiently, including the use of rubrics and educational technology tools.

  • How much is too much? Providing undergraduates with the right level of challenge

    Tuesday, November 1, Noon–1:15pm

    Rangos 3, Cohon University Center

    How do we maintain our commitment to educational rigor while promoting a culture that values both academic success and holistic well-being? This session will provide a forum for discussing the current and future undergraduate experience at CMU, with a particular emphasis on students’ emotional, mental, and academic success. These roundtable discussions will invite perspectives from faculty and graduate students regarding undergraduate students’ beliefs and behaviors related to stress, possible sources of student struggle, and realistic strategies we can use to appropriately challenge and support our undergraduate students.

  • Engaging Students in Active Learning*

    Thursday, November 3, Noon–1:30pm

    Cyert Hall B6

    Did you learn to ride a bike, multiply, or read simply by listening to someone explain how to do those things? Probably not. Active (rather than passive) learning helps students better understand and retain knowledge. Participants will discuss research findings regarding the benefits of active learning in different disciplines and teaching contexts. You will experience and learn about a variety of active learning strategies and begin developing your own active learning activity to use in your classroom.