Upcoming Teaching Seminars

  • Monitoring Your Teaching Effectiveness

    Tuesday, October 13, 5:00–7:00pm

    Peter/Wright/McKenna Rooms, CUC

    How can you gather, use, and document feedback about your teaching? Come learn about short- and long-term strategies you can use to monitor and develop your teaching effectiveness.

  • Microteaching Workshop

    Wednesday, October 14, 4:30–7:00pm

    A-70, Cyert Hall

    In this interactive workshop, participants teach a 5-minute lesson and receive feedback on their teaching from the other participants and the workshop leaders. Participants prepare their lessons before the workshop. Lessons presented during the workshop are videotaped. (Note: This workshop can count toward the Future Faculty Program's teaching consultation feedback requirement, but not the seminar requirement. Attending the workshop and following up to watch and discuss the video of your lesson with an Eberly Center teaching consultant can substitute for one of the two teaching feedback consultations required for the Future Faculty Program.)

  • Providing Helpful Feedback*

    Thursday, October 22, Noon–2:00pm

    Connan Room, CUC

    How can you give your students feedback that will maximize their learning? After discussing the main characteristics of effective feedback and exploring the relationship between feedback and grading, we will analyze examples of feedback on student work. We will also discuss strategies for providing feedback efficiently, including the use of rubrics and educational technology tools. NOTE: This seminar was formerly titled "Assessing Student Learning and Providing Helpful Feedback."

  • Ethical Issues in Teaching and Learning

    Wednesday, October 28, 1:00–3:00pm

    Peter/Wright/McKenna Rooms, CUC

    Teaching often involves ethical dilemmas which can be difficult to grapple with on the spot. In this seminar, we’ll explore some ethical issues in teaching and learning, including: navigating student/TA/faculty relationships, grading ethically, and making our classrooms accessible across a number of dimensions. We will also explore what the research says about how to prevent cheating and the impact of normative grading on student learning. You will leave with strategies and a better understanding of the resources available to you on campus.

  • Teaching Effectively with Technology*

    Tuesday, November 10, Noon–2:00pm

    Connan Room, CUC

    Given a particular teaching scenario, should I use educational technology or not? If yes, given the vast, constantly evolving landscape of technologies, how do I pick the one that is most appropriate for my teaching and student learning? If I decide to use a particular technology, how do I implement it effectively, both logistically and pedagogically, in my course? This interactive session will explore these questions and more, providing participants with a toolkit of strategies for navigating the educational technology ecosystem at CMU or elsewhere.

  • Handling Problematic Student Behavior

    Thursday, November 19, Noon–2:00pm

    Connan Room, CUC

    What do you do when a student’s behavior threatens to disrupt the classroom environment or interfere with learning? In this seminar, we will identify some of the causes of problematic student behavior and the impact those behaviors have on the classroom. We will also discuss research-based strategies for preventing problematic student behavior as well as effective methods for appropriate intervention when it does occur.