Upcoming Teaching Seminars

  • Leveraging Slides to Support Learning

    Tuesday, May 14, Noon–1:30pm

    Tepper Quad 1308

    Slides can be an effective way to present information to students, but there are many potential pitfalls you should consider as you use them. Come learn about the literature on multimedia learning,digital accessibility, and their implications for designing and using slides in ways that will most effectively support student learning.

  • Microteaching Workshop

    Wednesday, May 29, 4:30–7:00pm

    Tepper Quad 1301 & 1309

    In this interactive workshop, participants teach a 5-minute lesson and receive feedback on their teaching from the other participants and the workshop leaders. These lessons are videotaped. Note: This workshop can count toward the Future Faculty Program's teaching feedback consultation requirement, but not the seminar requirement. Attending the workshop and following up to watch and discuss the video of your lesson with an Eberly colleague can substitute for ONE of the two teaching feedback consultations required for the Future Faculty Program.

  • Teaching Metacognitive Skills

    Wednesday, June 5, 2:30–4:00pm

    Tepper Quad 1308

    How do we know what we really know? Research consistently shows that our students cannot accurately answer this question. Failure to develop metacognitive skills contributes to a host of challenges for students, including poor course performance and decreased motivation to improve, among many others. In this session, we’ll define the metacognitive process and identify the barriers and challenges that students face within it. We’ll explore evidence-based strategies that will help our students overcome these challenges and become better metacognitive thinkers.

  • Leveraging Canvas to Support Learning*

    Thursday, June 6, 1:30–3:00pm

    Tepper Quad 1308

    A Learning Management System (LMS) like Canvas can be a great resource for both instructors and students. It can create new teaching and learning opportunities and it help students and instructors be more efficient (including working smarter rather than harder). This session is designed to familiarize participants with some of the main features of CMU's LMS, Canvas, and help participants select and effectively implement features that map onto their pedagogical needs. Please note: participants will not be able to receive in-depth, individual consultation/tutorials for their own Canvas courses during this session. For that type of assistance, please contact canvas-help@andrew.cmu.edu to schedule an individual consult with the Eberly Center staff.