Upcoming Teaching Seminars

  • Planning & Delivering Effective Lectures*

    Thursday, March 28, 3:00–4:30pm

    Tepper Quad 1308

    When is lecture an appropriate instructional method? What should you consider when developing your lecture? How can you ensure that students are engaged during a lecture and are understanding the material? Come learn about strategies for designing and delivering lectures in ways that support student learning.

  • Course & Syllabus Design*

    Tuesday, April 2, 1:30–3:00pm

    Tepper Quad 1308

    Many decisions affecting the success of a course take place before the first day of class. In the seminar we will identify the principles of effective course design and consider ways to use the syllabus to guide student learning. You will have the opportunity to generate learning objectives and discuss the different components of a course syllabus. We will explore how syllabus design can influence students' perception of the course and the instructor, as well as recognize the benefits and challenges associated with course policies (like mobile devices and participation/attendance).

  • Teaching in Tumultuous Times

    Tuesday, April 9, 3:00–4:30pm

    Tepper Quad 1308

    Instruction can be difficult for both teachers and students following a major incident or tragedy. These events may take an emotional and cognitive toll on students, disrupt their lives, and interfere with learning for extended periods of time. Students’ proximity to such an event does not always determine their response. For example, students may be seriously affected by events that involve total strangers. Additionally, students’ surface responses may not be indicative of the actual effect. As an instructor, it’s important to consider the impacts such events have on students as human beings and learners. In this seminar, we will discuss considerations for determining whether or not to address an event in the classroom and develop multiple strategies for addressing distressing events in your classes.