Upcoming Teaching Seminars

  • Crafting a Teaching Philosophy Statement

    Wednesday, June 1, 1:00–3:00pm

    A-70 Cyert Hall

    Writing a teaching philosophy statement serves practical and reflective purposes. It is often requested for academic job applications, and it helps you reflect on who you are and what you do as a teacher to improve student learning in your discipline. Come learn about research on how search committees evaluate teaching effectiveness and strategies to guide your reflection process and prepare your statement for job applications.

  • Microteaching Workshop

    Thursday, June 2, 4:30–7:00pm

    A-70 Cyert Hall

    In this interactive workshop, participants teach a 5-minute lesson and receive feedback on their teaching from the other participants and the workshop leaders. These lessons are videotaped. (Note: This workshop can count toward the Future Faculty Program's teaching feedback consultation requirement, but not the seminar requirement. Attending the workshop and following up to watch and discuss the video of your lesson with an Eberly colleague can substitute for one of the two teaching feedback consultations required for the Future Faculty Program.)

  • Helping Students Develop Mastery and Critical Thinking*

    Friday, June 10, 10:00am–Noon

    A-70 Cyert Hall

    Instructors often want students to develop mastery with certain content and skills and then apply their learning to “think critically”. Teaching critical thinking is hard, as is helping students develop towards mastery, especially in the context of a single course or semester. Research suggests a number of strategies to help students develop mastery through their acquisition, practice, and integration of appropriate skills. We will also explore the concept of “critical thinking,” apply it to various disciplinary contexts, and discuss how to help students master critical thinking skills in particular.